Why You Should Market With Videos?

In the next few minutes I’m going to share with you why video marketing is important to your business

If you are not using videos yet to market your business perhaps these stats and facts will help motivate you to get into action now.

By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video-on-demand traffic alone will have almost trebled. Leafing through a swathe of statistics on the subject, I’m hard pressed to find any indicator that doesn’t suggest rapid growth. Chris Trimble. The Guardian July 30, 2015

Forrester Research, a respected industry publication, has reported that: “The chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google increase 53 times with video.” (Videos rank much, much faster on Google than domains do). And less costly then Ad Words or Yellow Page advertising

62% of Google universal searches include video

And The OTHER Reason Video Marketing Is Gaining In Importance



Newspaper advertising has declined dramatically!


How does our video production service produce these videos?

62%_of_searchesWe scrape the images, logos, and the services that you offer off your website. Then we create a series of 5 to 10 slides using this information. You have the option of choosing various genres of music or no music. The format of the slides can be white board (hand drawing), caricature. cartoons or images with the description or a combination of these. We have many styles to choose from (see samples of the videos below). We try to use a style that is appropriate for your business. We think that background music gives the video a nice touch, but that is your choice. We try to keep the video to a maximum length of 1 to 1 1/2 minutes. Experience has shown that people get bored and will lose attention if the video is longer then 1 1/2 minutes. After we complete the first phase of the video we send a draft of the video to you for corrections, changes, etc. Sometimes it may take three of four takes of the video until it meets your approval. That’s our job.

The video gives your web browser a short compilation of your services in a minute to a minute and half. People are lazy and would rather watch a video then read boring text. These videos are not full blown production videos with hi-tech cameras, sound men, sophisticated lighting and directors, but they are not $1,000 or more either! They cost $99.00 each and the will do the job and get you many compliments and page views. And they will bring more traffic to your site! 

Our Latest Videos

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We produce one of kind YouTube videos for Air Conditioning Companies, Heating Contractors, Plumbers, Locksmiths, Electricians, Pest Control companies and virtually any type of business. See our complete list

You can get a custom video for your site for the incredibly low price of only $175.00 with discounts available if your order more then one video!


Onetime payment. No monthly fees. You own all the rights to the video. We upload it to YouTube and give you the code to put it on your site. We will install it on your site for free or will help your web designer install it for you. Your choice


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