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Peter F. Scribner, president of Web Design St. Petersburg Florida

In the early 80’s Peter started developing websites using the old and antiquated HTML technology. Today,  there are still many companies that use this technology. The problem, he discovered, with HTML or static websites is that they cannot change unless the web designer makes the changes. This can be costly to a  small business. His customers demanded more control over their websites and that’s when he discovered WordPress websites as the wave of the future. It delivers what the customer wants. Peter decided to switch all of his clients to WordPress websites. To read more about why WordPress websites are the ideal foundation for small business owners Read more…




Terry Jordan-Vice President Video Production

Terry brings a wealth of experience to our team. He is in charge of all video production services. Terry has invested thousand of dollars for top notch video equipment. Terry specializes in instructional videos, sales/marketing videos, educational videos, training videos, broadcast and online videos and much more

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Michael Murray, SEO Expert, Tarpon Internet Marketing

Michael helps you get new sales leads like nobody else can and FAST (in DAYS, NOT WEEKS) His motto is "Results, NOT Promises" He has an incredible track record. We welcome him to our team Read more…





Luke Melton, Graphic Arts and Publication Experts.
Luke is a graphic design pro who brings to our team 26 years of graphic arts and publication expertise. He has deep experience with Adobe Creative Suite software, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver and many other leading technologies. Read more about what Luke can do for you. Read more about what Luke can do for you



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