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  • How do I provide New Content to my website without having to pay a fortune to my web designer everytime I want to add some new content?

    One of the most prevailing issues we find with websites is what we call the “Build it and Forget it” symptoms.  In straight forward terms, it’s the website that you build today and do not change a thing for the next few years. This defect in websites is as frequent as the everyday cold is in humans.  It’s cause is transparent: it’s “old web” thinking in a “new web” world.  In the old web (say mid-1990’s to early 2000,) the idea was simply to copy and paste the content from your company’s pamphlets into your website and then you were set.  At that point, you were fine to leave it for the next few years and many businesses did just that. The new web is all about content, but not just any content… fresh content. In the new web, the websites that get the most visits are those where the content is steadily changing, being added to, and improved. Users want and expect to see or read something different each time they visit your website and they view those websites that do so as more worthwhile. Think about it, you actually give them a reason to come back to your website.

    Our New Content Feed will get you tons of new traffic to your website and give your web visitors something new every time they log onto your site? (The Search Engines Demand this!) We can't guarantee that it will make your phone ring more, but we're pretty sure it will bring you more traffic with our New Content Feed. It constantly adds new information relative to your business. And it's on auto pilot. You sit back and do nothing and watch it spin it's magic. Within weeks you'll have many new articles and information for your business. And your visitors will love it

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    We can create a New Content  Feed for most types of business. See our list of business


    $125 for 10 initial new articles and $25.00 a month for 4 new articles each month. No contract required. Cancel at anytime.

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