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  • The Problem

    Is your website mobile friendly?

    The top five reasons why you need a mobile friendly website

    See this short video:

    It doesn't make any difference how nice your website looks to a mobile browser. There are no Academy Awards for lovely looking websites!

    Why is this important?

     According to Comscore, over 60 million people in the United States own a Smartphone. Obviously, this number will continue to soar and predictions show that the mobile web will rule by as early as 2015.

    As more mobile devices flood the marketplace, you need to follow suit by making sure your web presence is mobile-friendly. By doing so, you’ll not only remove barriers that people face when trying to access web content via a mobile device but will also increase your chance of winning new patients/clients/customers right out of the gate.

    There’s a business principle that should drive home this point — First impressions are lasting impressions.

    What type of impression are you projecting when  prospective patients/clients/customer view your website? Is it one that portrays an out-dated web presence? Or does it reflect advancing technologies and accessibility awareness?

    If you've had a new patients/clients/customer this week, chances are good that they found you with their Smartphoneand then booked the appointment on it. In fact, according to Google, almost half of searches these days are now local. And your new patients/clients/customer are doing something else with their SmartPhones, too. They're checking out your business, finding its location, and reading reviews of your business. Business owners have to have a mobile responsive websites in order to increase appointments, and the importance of this will only increase. If your website is not mobile responsive, your prospective new patients/clients/customers will click away from your site, and find one that is 

    Take the test below to see if your website is mobile resonsive. Enter your web address in the box below and hit the GO buttom to find out. But before you do read the following: 


    If you have to pinch,squeeze  and zoom to see every aspect of your business (in other words, it's hard to read on a Smartphone) then it is not mobile friendly

    If your telephone number is just a text number and the mobile browser has to write it down to call you and they can't click on a button to call you directly then it is not mobile friendly. We solved that problem with our one click-to-call-button

    Your website is not mobile friendly if the mobile browser can't find you easily on their Smartphone? We'll acknowldedge that most desktop websites have Google maps or Mapquest on their website. But try viewing it on a Smartphone. It is hard to find and view


    Mobile Web Design is designing desktop/laptop websites that adjust to fit the screen of a Smartphone or Tablet so that the text is legible without zooming in.


    The Solution


    mobile webdesignWebdesign St. Petersburg, FL can configure your existing website to be properly displayed when viewed on Smartphones. This is done by creating separate styling commands which will re-format the pages and specify how objects should re-size when a mobile device is detected. Reports indicate that 25% of viewers use a mobile device such as Smart-phone or Tablet to view web pages, and pinch zooming is an annoyance. By 2014 the number will rise to 90% of website accessed via mobile devices. The detection script runs on the server side so that the client device is not overwhelmed and its performance is not compromised.



    Cost for a mobile web design?


    Features and Benefits

    • Free Installation
    • Free QR Codes (any size) The QR code can be placed in your reception area, business card, brochures, Vehicles and print media
    • Free Unlimited Changes
    • Free Monthly Statistics (On your mobile views and hits)

    To order a mobile website there are two steps you must follow:

    Step 1 Setup fee-After you click on the Buy Now button you will be re-directed to the order page

    $299.00 (non-refundable)

    Step 2 Subscribe to the monthly hosting fee

    Monthly  $12.95




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