If your website does not have the forms listed below your may be subject to fines and expensive litagtion. In today's Litigious Society you need to protect yourself from costly fines and lawsuits..

Most medical websites we look at are not HIPPA compliant. Many have  'Appointment Forms', but many are lacking other very important forms that should be on all doctor's websites.

Here's some examples of these forms that we installed on a doctor's site in New Jersey. All of these forms are interactive which means they are not PDF files. Your patient has to simply complete the form online and send it to you. This can be a big time saver.

Here's the forms:

Our Fee:

$199.00 (one time)

It includes FREE installation or 

You can  tell your web desinger you want these forms installed on your site.
Give us his telephone number and email address. We'll help him with the

All we need is the email address that you want the forms to go too and your payment.
After we receive your payment you will be re-directed to the order page

After you buy these forms you will be re-directed to the order page




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