• ESP LTD EC1000T CTM Review

  • Characteristics — 10
    The ESP LTD EC1000T CTM is a contemporary twist on a traditional axe. The one I have was created in 2011 in Korea. The human anatomy is a 2″ thick masonry with a good shirt (the CTM from the title), at the ESP edition of this traditional LP contour (pointed directly horn). Electronics shrewd, it comes stock with the EMG 81/60 combo, two quantity, and one tone, using a 3way switch. My personal version was outfitted with Sperzel locking tuners from the former owner and contains Seymour Duncan Blackouts inserted by me personally (that, IMO, match this guitar better).

    Audio — 10
    I myself play a whole lot of genres, mostly hardrock, metal, and blues, and I’d say that this guitar can manage all of them and more (such as state, funk( and lighter stone) despite it is leaning towards alloy. I am currently running it via a Jet City 100HDM having an Orange PPC212 taxi, but formerly ran it via a Blackstar HT 60 Soloist, Orange Dark Terror, and Line 6 HDM100 MKII, also it’s sounded killer throughout all of these. Even though the guitar is really noisy (or perhaps it’s only me constantly having my knobs maxed out), then it seems excellent! It will have more lowmids and bass compared to treble/highmids, which is not suprising considering the human anatomy is a 2″ thick mahogany body. Together with the EMG 81/60, I felt as though it was a bit more compacted and much less open but may still get some great tones. Together with the Blackouts, the audio is definitely more receptive, and that I really feel out balances from the organic sound of this guitar.

    I purchased the guitar used, but it was set up nicely with .10.46s out of the previous owner. The moment I got it, I put it up using .11.50s and corrected the pickups more to my liking. Bridge was sent along with the Sperzels were set up cleanly. I saw no problems with all the frets, truss rod, activity, or other things. As time passes the knobs got loose, but also from usage too. I need to replace them with black knobs to determine how it’d seem, but thats for a different day. Now have it setup in C Conventional using .12.54s and it seems great!

    With hardware out of TonePros and Sperzel with this axe I don’t have any doubt that the hardware will continue. I replaced the strap buttons with buttons which were compatible with the Schaller strap locks therefore that I will alter the strap out of this axe to some other strand which has them installed. I would definitely gig without a backup because this guitar barely goes out of tune and that I have not broken a series on this. The end is thick on this badboy and that I will see it lasting for awhile. I only rate this a 9 because of myself not having played it live or carrying it out on your way.

    In general, I believe ESP hit a homer on this axe. It is flexible, looks elegant as hell, and is conducive. For me personally, this is definitely a Fantastic game I enjoy thicker Les Pauls (the dual bound habits) because of my size and my affinity for Randy Rhoads. I have been playing for nearly 10 decades, and also have another doublebound LP backup (at suburst), and this also acts as a great compliment for this. If it were lost or stolen, I would certainly get another, possibly in white this time. I like everything about this particular axe It has got plenty of amazing, expert level features for an extremely reasonable price ($1000 fresh or $600$800 utilized), and gives an option for somebody to acquire a fresh LP Custom for under a quarter of the expense of a Gibson. My only question for ESP is the reason they did not offer you a few with Blackouts or even the EMG 57/66 combo inventory, as I believe these are more suited to the CTM. But, I could see why the 81/60 combo is actually there. In the end, this is an awesome guitar and I would suggest it to anybody seeking to add some depth to their arsenal of guitars. Search for bestacousticguitar.info/ in order to know more about how learn acoustic guitar.

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