Studies have found that it takes the average consumer just 2-10 seconds to judge a company by it’s website. Well-written content, including your homepage and about us page, are a crucial tool for winning the trust of consumers in the digital age. Web Design St.Petersburg has a team of professional content writers that have the tools to make your website come alive! 

Over the years we have seen many websites that are stunning and visual pleasing. But the problems is There are no Academy Awards for good looking websites. If you are not getting any traffic to your website then there is something wrong. Most likely it is because you have badly written content and it is not optimized for the search engines. You can easily determine this by analyzing your 'bounce rate' 

What Is The Google Analytics Bounce Rate?

bounce_rateThe Bounce Rate is the percentage of time that a visitor comes to your Website and leaves without ever looking at any other pages on your site. This represents a visitor that did NOT convert to a customer.

If your Bounce Rate is over 50%, you are in very serious difficulty and will get very few sales from your Website.
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To analyize your bounce rate Google Analytics has to be installed on your site. It's free! Ask your web designer if you have it on your site. We install Google analytics on all of our websites

To reduce the bounce rate you need a quality content writing service

Better content produces results:

  • A site that flows properly. A good copywriter will help you organzie your content, information and site navigation so it flows naturally. A site that can do this is always preferable 
  • A website that makes sales. One page doesn't sell anything. In fact, for most companies, If you are working with a 'Do it Your Self" website (GoDaddy,, Site Builder or any other company offering a free web design service you are doomed to failure!
  • Better Headlines, Better Subheadings, Better Bullet points, Better 'Frequently Asked Question' pages, Better 'About US' page and Better 'Product/Service' page are all part of the copywriter's tools.
  • The thing is, you can waste your money on X pages of awful words, or you can chose an experienced copywriter who will do it right and not take advantage of you. Your choice.

Here's some questions you have to ask yourself. 

What are your goals? Do you want to:

  • Increase product awareness?
  • Increase your conversion rate?
  • Rejeuvinate an under performing or ineffective website?
  • Sell more of your product, brands or service?
  • Get a higher ranking in search engine results,
    without degrading quality or taking chances?



Pretty simple. We charge $150.00 per page. So if you only wanted a home page done it's $150.00 with up to three revisions. Call us for a detail quote for your website. Tell us how many pages you need and we'll take it from there. Turnaround time is usually within a week.

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