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  • What Is The Google Analytics Bounce Rate?

    The Bounce Rate is the percentage of time that a visitor comes to your Website and leaves without ever looking at any other pages on your site. This represents a visitor that did NOT convert to a customer.

    • If your Bounce Rate is over 50%, you are in very serious difficulty and will get very few sales with your Website.


    • This is the hidden question that EVERY Website visitor silently asks, “What’s In It For Me?”. If your Home page does not answer that question quickly, you’ll have a high bounce rate.
    • Visitors care only about one thing – themselves and what they want. If your Home page talks about your company, your qualifications, the tools you use to deliver great service, etc., you may as well bend over and kiss your butt goodbye. Your Bounce Rate is going to be high.

    Be Careful Of Your Keywords

    There are “looker” keywords and “buyer” keywords. For example, if someone searches for digital cameras, they are not interested in buying a camera. They are looking for information about digital cameras to help them decide if they need one and what to buy. On the other hand, if they search for Canon EOS Rebel, then they are looking to buy that camera and are looking for the sellers. If you rank for digital cameras, you are attracting curiosity seekers, not buyers.

    TIP: Generally, people search for the problems they have and then scan the results to see who can solve their problem. So, “carpenter ants” will get more searches than “wood destroying organisms”. “Back pain” will get more searches than “chiropractor” and so on.

    Beware Of An Unwarranted Assumption Leading To An Illogical Conclusion


    • One of the most common reasons search engine marketers lose clients is because, even if they are ranking high on page 1 of Google, the client deems they did not get enough new customers. As you have seen, new customers is NOT a function of high traffic. It is a function of a low bounce rate.
    • OK, so now you know the secret to success with marketing on the Internet – multiple page 1 positions on Google to drive MASSIVE traffic to your Website PLUS a low Bounce Rate,



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