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    Peter Scribner was born in Boston and educated at Providence College with an AB Economics in 1962. Peter took his first computer class at Providence College in 1961 long before Microsoft and Windows were invented. He studied binary code. The course was conducted by a Dominican Priest who worked on the computer programs that dropped the A-Bomb on Nagasaki. How ironical is that?

    After graduating from Providence College he worked in the insurance and stock brokerage industry for the next thirty years. As a stock broker and investor he took the early lead in investing and seeking out technology companies with the best futures. It was during that time, he developed computer programs and was responsible for the networking of the computers at his companies.

    In the early 80’s Peter started developing websites using the old and antiquated HTML technology. Today,  there are still many companies that use this technology. The problem, he discovered, with HTML or static websites is that they cannot change unless the web designer makes the changes. This can be costly to a  small business. His customers demanded more control over their websites and that’s when he discovered WordPress websites as the wave of the future. It delivers what the customer wants. Peter decided to switch all of his clients to WordPress websites. To read more about why WordPress websites are the ideal foundation for small business owners click here.

    Speaking to some guy with a laptop on a camel somewhere in the desert

    For the last 30 years Peter has done  research on the many website design companies that are available to the public.  From the inexpensive, $6.95 a month hosting, you design it yourself, no support (or speaking to some guy with a laptop on a camel somewhere in the desert) to the very expensive website design company that charges thousands for a flashy site with all the graphics – but once they take your money that’s it!  Every call after that I will cost you $100 or more.

    Peter says “Effective web sites need to be user-friendly, easy to navigate and tastefully designed. Yet, the excessive use of pointless and irritating frills in many web site designs often leaves the visitor confused and frustrated, unable to find what they’re looking for.”

    As a  web site developer, Peter specializes in creating affordable, high-quality web sites with designs that will promote your small business, that are easy to navigate and are aesthetically pleasing . His focus is on a creative, tasteful approach to web site design that will enhance your company’s visibility on the web, rather than scare your visitors away.

    Are his clients happy? You be the judge. Read his testimonials

    Call him at (729) 954-5300  to discuss your website needs or email him at info@webdesignstpetersburgfl.com

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